The Rhode Island Real Estate Advisors

Buying and selling real estate has never been more complex. Knowledge has never been more important. With knowledge, you negotiate from a position of strength. Temper emotion with reason. Take action with confidence. Make commitments that will reward you for years to come. The Rhode Island Real Estate Advisors is an unmatched source of real estate knowledge and resource.


Who Are We

RIREA was founded in 2012 by Len and Ian Iannuccilli, with over 30 years of real estate and experience and a genuine obsession with improving the industry. The game has changed and the need to change with it was clear.  Lenny saw the need to leverage the internet and social media to his advantage and brought on his son Ian: a Financial Economics Economics major who worked in the technology field. Together they put together a team of like minded real estate professionals who understood the strengths of working together as a team and The Rhode Island Real Estate Advisors were born.

Our Mission

A real estate transaction is complicated.  It’s not just two parties agreeing to buy and sell a home.  There are many layers and many parties that come together to make the sale of a home possible.

Our mission is to bridge as many of those parties together so whether you are a buyer or seller you don’t get bogged down in the details.